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Data Center

New applications and technologies are transforming the expectations we have of our IT, requiring the data center to keep pace with this evolution. With an eye toward digital transformation, organizations are looking to introduce microsegmentation, virtualization and cloud into their data centers. Iron Bow is aligned with leading OEMs and certified on the latest technologies to help make this transition. Our data center experts develop efficient infrastructures to give you better access to and ability to work with the data you have. Our solutions can be deployed to work on premise, via the cloud or in a hybrid model.

Artificial Intelligence – AI requires a lot of storage and power to run. Determine the right solutions that can to integrate into compute and analytic stacks without adding complexity.

Private Cloud Infrastructure – designing the modern data center includes integrating the latest technology and approaches with legacy systems for efficient and secure cloud access within the organization.

Virtualization and Automation – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure transfers computing from the device to a server environment allows for easier and more efficient administration as well as quicker roll out of new applications and functionality.

Disaster Recovery – planning for the worst means minimal disruption to business in the event of technology failures.

Big Data and Analytics – you have plenty of data, with the right technology you can collect, store and analyze it to make a more informed business decisions.

Device Lifecycle Services – ensuring all data center technology is up-to-date and fully secure as long as it is servicing users.

Programmability (Orchestration + Automation) – you may use 50 or more tools to do your job. Combine the functionality of similar products, create dashboards and enable a single action to be implemented across multiple products.

Global Enterprise Fabric (GEF) – meet data center consolidation goals using GEF, an Army approved modern data center platform that provides a clear path to the cloud.

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Built on best of breed technologies that are designed to scale with your organization’s needs.


On premise or in the cloud, you make decisions on where the data and functionality live and how to pay for it.


Designed around how users access and use data and applications.

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