Digitization + IoT

The process of moving analog and manual processes online is nearly complete in most industries. The next step toward digitization is making sense of all of the new data being captured by Internet of Things (IoT). Iron Bow draws on decades of network experience to help clients evolve their systems to accept these new streams of data and turn them into actionable insight. The contextual awareness gained when assets can be tracked the same way as data files, holds incredible promise for more efficient and effective management and mission achievement.

Sensors and Data Collection – ensuring that sensors are deployed and managed in a way that the data can be acted on.

Smart Infrastructure – networks need to be upgraded to support the army of smart devices now connected to them. We help clients use their existing network to manage and monitor the devices that depend on it.

Asset Security – designing systems that follow tagged assets wherever they go ensuring full visibility into the status of critical tools and investments.

Data Correlation and Analytics – we make data actionable. Our solutions normalize, correlate and present data in a way that it can be used to make informed decisions.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) – process control – solutions to integrate with and provide analytics around SCADA.

Iron Bow in Action


We know the network and can connect new devices to it in a way that works for end users and administrators alike.


We look at digitization as network-enabling data and things. We’ll make the technology work for you and your systems.


Designing solutions around critical mission challenges means we’re using the latest technology in a way that is meaningful to day-to-day work.

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