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IronCare Device as a Service

Today’s workforce is comprised of a multi-device, multi-platform employee base. Supporting the next generation workforce’s device needs and/or managing the BYOD policies has IT teams overwhelmed and taking on unnecessary risk. Enter the new Device as a Service enterprise paradigm.

Iron Bow's IronCare Device as a Service

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Iron Bow’s IronCare™ Device as a Service (IronCare DaaS) offering streamlines device lifecycle management while optimizing device-related costs and reducing enterprise risk.

Iron Bow IronCare DaaS Services

  • Procurement of devices
  • Security of devices
  • Asset tagging
  • Inventory management
  • Imaging
  • Warranty management
  • Other customized service options

For Enterprises This Means

  • Cost Optimization: Deployment is predictable, service is consistent, fleets are correctly sized, devices are ready-to-go out of the box and rightly sized per user and hardware is appropriately handled upon disposal.
  • Reduced IT Workload: Greatly reduce device management efforts for IT managers who are managing the entire device chain or parts of it – freeing up resources for other IT initiatives.
  • Financial Flexibility: Streamline disparate purchasing/leasing agreements into one contractual structure with one partner. Move device spending from a capital expense to an operational expense.
  • Accelerated Refresh: Shorten the refresh cycle by building a regular refresh cadence directly into the agreement.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Ensure users access to current hardware technologies and are correctly matched with the right performance threshold based on their role and persona.
  • Reduced Risk: Iron Bow takes on the risk of ownership including device breakage and loss, with assurances of uptime and availability of the devices managed.
  • More Secure: Iron Bow brings a security capability to device management. That, combined with the inherent security improvements of newer devices, ensures an improvement in enterprise security posture.

Subscription Service Plans

Hardware Support

  • Next-day Break/Fix Maintenance
  • Accidental Damage Protection
  • Defective Media Retention

Available Lifecycle Management Services

  • End-user Help Desk Services
  • Mobile Device Management
    • Application Security Compliance, Encryption, Asset Management, Geo-tracking (with Remote Locking, Data Wipe)
  • 24 X 7 Managed Care w/Patching
    • Proactive Management with Device Service Issues
  • Data Destruction at end of term
  • Data Destruction at end of term
  • Data Destruction at end of term w/ Drive Retention or Drive Shredding

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