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IT Managed Services for Law Firms

Enterprise Technology Support, Enabling Practice Focus.

The steady introduction of technology in our professional and personal lives has only increased our dependency on digital systems and solutions. Today with remote work becoming commonplace and even necessary, our reliance on technology advancements is critical to have effective communication and collaboration. For legal entities, technology plays an integral role into the daily workflow, bringing increased challenges for IT staff to efficiently manage, maintain and scale as needs evolve. As new technology arises and end user demands change, responsibilities for IT teams continue to grow while maintaining budgets and resources.

Managed IT services can help bridge the gap between the in-house IT resources and additional expertise required to address the rapidly changing technology needs of legal firms. Iron Bow’s managed IT service offerings, IronCare™, provide our clients with enterprise technical support, remote monitoring, management and maintenance of technology solutions and systems.

With IronCare legal organizations can focus on practicing law, not perfecting technology. Iron Bow provides:

  • Flexibility – firms can respond quickly to end-user demands and incorporate new technology more rapidly drawing on the expertise of the managed service team to implement and deploy solutions.
  • Consumption – enables the expense to be accounted for as an operating expenditure (OpEx) as opposed to a capital expenditure (CapEx).
  • Rapid Scalability – in a managed services model support for moving from a small group of employees working remotely to the entire firm can be completed in just a few clicks, redeploying resources remotely.
  • Uptime – 24/7/365 monitoring ensures maximum availability, performance and security. Proactive support provides input into trends and upcoming IT needs.
  • Security – a dedicated team ensures that patches and maintenance are performed as scheduled.

IronCare coverage is provided by our U.S.-based 24/7/365 Client Service Center (CSC) team in Chantilly, Virginia. Our service methodologies are based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices, ensuring the highest level of support for our clients’ IT environments.

IronCare Managed Services

IronCare Managed Wireless – Comprehensive solution for wireless networks to ensure availability, performance and scalability to meet day-to-day and future demands.

IronCare Managed Networking – Maintenance for networks including campus environments, software-defined networking, fabric switching and traditional LAN/WAN for optimum performance.

IronCare Managed SD-WAN – End-to-end monitoring and management of policies, accessibility, connectivity and availability for connecting to office applications ensuring a high performing environment for users.

IronCare Managed Unified Communications (UC) – Cloud-based unified communication and collaboration applications within a highly secure, virtualized platform under a centralized management system keeps teams connected.

IronCare Device as a Service (DaaS) – Streamline device lifecycle management while optimizing device-related costs and reducing enterprise risk.

IronCare Infrastructure as a Service – Allows organizations to consume on-premises infrastructure in a pay-as-you-grow model.

Iron Bow in Action


Our team has certifications, expertise and experience needed to keep systems performing at the highest levels.


With consumption pricing and a number of service level options, we work with you to provide the support needed.


Technology designed and managed specifically for legal workflows to meet and exceed user needs.