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Telehealth Managed Services

Telehealth technology has transformed the way healthcare organizations deliver services to greatly enhance the patient experience. These new telehealth solutions, however, utilize complex technologies that require responsive management to ensure availability and functionality. This requires IT teams, already stretched thin, to learn new technologies that add to their daily workload. For telehealth program success, patients and clinician adoption requires the new technologies to perform as expected.

Iron Bow’s IronCare™ Managed Telehealth streamlines the deployment and management of Iron Bow’s telehealth solutions while optimizing device-related costs and reducing enterprise risk.

IronCare Managed Telehealth Services

  • Managed Care support service with 24/7/365 phone support for troubleshooting and maintaining equipment and ensuring the availability of healthcare services
  • Advance Replacement Warranty (ARW) service to ensure rapid replacement of any faulty equipment

Our Telehealth Managed Services

Enhance Program Success: Experts trained specifically in telehealth deployment and proper use are available for immediate user assistance. Support staff has access to our large pool of experienced troubleshooting technicians and engineers.

Optimize Costs: Clients leverage the extensive experience of our technical team to avoid the need to hire and retain expertise on staff. Our flat rate subscription service provides rapid troubleshooting and replacement of defective hardware at a predictable cost.

Increase User Satisfaction: Users receive in-depth training at the time of deployment, with access to on-call staff, available anytime to answer questions. We ensure equipment is maintained in good working order, avoiding aggravation to users.

Ensure Patient Satisfaction: Iron Bow Managed Care and ARW services ensure your equipment will be working properly and provide your patients a positive telehealth experience.

Reduce IT Workload: Greatly reduce device management efforts for IT staff who are managing the entirety of the IT infrastructure or parts of it – freeing up resources for other IT initiatives.

Reduce Risk: Iron Bow assumes the risk of equipment failure with assurances of uptime and availability of equipment being managed.

Iron Bow IronCare Managed Telehealth solutions allow healthcare organizations to focus on their core mission.