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Software-defined Networking

Networks are often thought of as the foundation of your IT environment. With today’s push towards modernization, your legacy infrastructure is most likely no longer ideal for the new demands of essential applications, cloud migrations, mobility, virtualization, and the management and access of critical assets driven by the Internet of Things that your end users depend on. To meet these challenges, IT teams are being forced to look at their network in a new way.

A software-defined architecture is a shift from relying on hardware as the workhorse of IT systems. With the ubiquity of virtualization and the evolution of software, it is now possible to take advantage of much more modern approaches to efficiently manage and operate networks. Software-defined Networking (SDN) which originated in the data center has now extended into the campus with Software-defined LAN (SDLAN). Additionally, Software-defined WAN (SDWAN) can be a critical piece that provides the security and efficiencies to optimize how you connect your campus to applications whether they reside in your private cloud or public cloud. Iron Bow has the expertise to help you move toward a software-defined approach across all areas of the enterprise network including leveraging each of these technologies as part of integrated approach to modernize your network infrastructure.

Benefits for Agencies

Simplify network operations: A complete shift from traditional network upgrades, with SDN you can add more capabilities without adding complexity. The software-centric approach couples improved tools and intelligence in the network, changing the paradigm for how a network is operated and managed. The centralized management automation inherent in SDN reduces operator error, the leading cause of network outages, and gives IT resources a modern, single pane view of the network. This simplified networking approach helps to make the network much more agile and flexible so you can effectively respond to changing needs.

Enable cloud strategy: A software-driven network is fundamental to any cloud related strategy. Software provides the speed and flexibility to integrate with cloud-based technologies. SDN is the foundation for extending your on premise infrastructure into the cloud in a safe and secure manner. It allows cloud-based applications and services to operate and be accessed with the same user experience and operational consistency as if those services were sitting in your data center.

Enhance security capabilities: With SDN you can automate security policies across all environments, enable microsegmentation, moving security closer to the application rather than the data center, driving a data-centric approach to security. SDN also allows for automation of complex network changes, reducing operational errors that can create security gaps.

Moving to SDN is not an all or nothing endeavor. Iron Bow advocates a crawl, walk, run approach, easing organizations into a software-defined networking environment. We are committed to helping agencies make the shift to a software-defined approach securely with little disruption to daily work. We focus on the desired outcome and build a system to meet your unique needs. Our collaborative approach and three decades of experience ensures solutions are rolled out efficiently and securely for immediate use.

Iron Bow’s DNA Lab is a full suite of SDN solutions – WAN, Campus, and Data Center. We can build proof of concept solutions and test full capabilities prior to implementing into your production environment.

Iron Bow in Action


Decades of experience combined with the latest knowledge in software-defined technology, ensures deployment happens efficiently and effectively.


We recognize every organization is unique. With our customer-centric approach, technology is chosen with your business and mission goals prioritized.


Through discovering key pain points, we identify how a software-defined solution can save money, increase efficiency and reduce complexity.