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A Turnkey Multi-Cloud Solution

Access to any workload, anywhere, on any device – powered by IronTarget™, a turnkey multi-cloud solution

With the growing remote workforce environment, multi-cloud platforms have become essential in enabling teams the flexibility to run applications on-premises and in the public cloud. Iron Bow’s IronTarget™ solution provides clients with a turnkey, rapid deployment of a truly multi-cloud experience where workloads can be moved to and from the public cloud transparently, without downtime ensuring that employees have access to all their applications and information. Wherever employees are working from, IronTarget provides accessibility, scalability and security to ensure the mission’s success.

Enable Productivity Today

  • Secure applications for remote, mobile or contract employees
  • Secure desktop for remote, mobile or contract employees
  • Rapidly provision and scale applications
  • Rapidly provision and scale remote users
  • Manage on-premises, public, edge and DR sites centrally as a single pool
  • Click-and-drag workloads and desktops anywhere in this pool

Stay Secure & Minimize Cost

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Persistent data storage & encryption
  • Bring your own license (BYOL) support
  • Only pay for what you’re using
  • Deploy a solution compatible with on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure

Deploying IronTarget

  • Iron Bow ensures that with IronTarget our customers are able to accomplish key tasks:
  • Deploy rapidly so employees can be productive wherever they are
  • Maximize the performance of each user desktop and their associated applications
  • Provide a secure work environment that properly authenticates users and protects their data
  • Provide flexibility to future proof investments

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