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Home Office Solution

Iron Bow Technologies’ IronTarget is an on-premises cloud and virtual desktop platform that facilitates the rapid roll out of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). IronTarget centralizes compute and storage resources, enabling users to access their desktop applications with any device from anywhere. VDI solutions take computing off individual machines, holding it in a server environment. With VDI, users can access information and applications via any type of device, enabling secure BYOD. Once a user is logged in they are served with a consistent desktop experience and workflow across any device. From an administrative perspective, this flexible approach allows for consolidated management of systems rather than individual devices.

IronTarget enables rapid deployment of VDI to extend the geographic boundaries of work. IronTarget provides:

  • Validated Design – Provides superior end-user experience from a proven platform
  • Seamless Transition – Dramatically changes an end-user’s experience and performance when working remotely
  • Ease of Management – Addresses challenges for remote user administration
  • Enhanced Security – Security measures are applied at the end user device and across the environment
  • Lower Cost of Ownership – Remove the costs associated with desktop hardware refresh cycles
  • Public Cloud Access – Flexibility to utilize public clouds for surge needs

Why Iron Bow

IronTarget was designed as a turnkey, ready to deploy solution to enable organizations to simply move to and manage a multi-cloud environment. Our experts recognize the addition of new technology can strain IT staff, let us help alleviate the headache through our service offerings:

Consulting Services

  • Provide detailed site surveys of existing desktop environment(s)
  • Review current configurations and provide best practice and optimization guidance
  • Assess existing data center and bandwidth to ensure they can handle the additional traffic

Design Assistance

  • Provide high and low level design guides for optimizing IronTarget deployment
  • Provide step by step implementation plans

Installation Services

  • Assist in configuring IronTarget and supporting end-user devices
  • Provide over the shoulder system training
  • Rapidly deploy IronTarget end-to-end desktop virtualization solution

Our VDI engineers hold an array of top-tier industry certifications with direct experience in planning, designing and supporting virtualization solutions.

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