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Rapid Wireless Deployment Kits

When a situation requires flexible, innovative home office solutions or a rapid installment of secure wireless networks that can be deployed anytime or anywhere, we’re here to keep your employees connected, so your mission never stops.

Iron Bow can provide you turnkey, low cost, low complexity wireless solutions and consulting services to keep continuity in your business operations. Our solutions are pre-engineered to work right out of the box, with easy installation by your IT staff.

Remote Teleworking Sites

  • Provides highly secure enterprise wireless and wired connections to the home
  • Extends the corporate network to teleworkers, mobile workers and micro-sites
  • Builds a highly secure tunnel to the corporate network
  • Allows remote employees access to data, voice, video and cloud services
  • Supports highly secure access to corporate data and personal connectivity for teleworkers’ home devices, with segmented home traffic

Rapid Deployment Wireless Kits

  • Mobile kit designed to quickly expand wireless coverage to outdoor or large indoor spaces
  • Shipped in a tactical transit case, designed to protect the equipment during shipment or storage
  • Fully integrates with existing wireless to extend your existing network
  • Functions as a wireless mesh network or can be hardwired into the network
  • Customizable Options
    • LTE capable router for locations without existing network connectivity
    • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) to ensure network continuity
    • Mobile generator for areas without accessible commercial power

Our Iron Bow engineering team can assist and augment your IT staff in the consultation, design and installation of existing wireless networks or solutions as well as emergency wireless services if needed. This includes:

Consulting Services

  • Provide detailed site surveys of existing wireless deployments
  • Review current configurations and provide best practice and optimization guidance
  • Assess designated COOP areas to ensure they can handle the influx of endpoints

Design Assistance

  • Provide design guides for optimizing the wireless deployment
  • Develop engineering implementation plans for step-by-step implementation instructions

Installation Services

  • Assist in configuring the wireless network and supporting routing and switching network
  • Provide access point placement services
  • Install required copper and fiber cabling
  • Provide construction services for closet remediation

Helping you stay connected – teleworkhelp@ironbow.com