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Iron Bow XR – Help with WebEx

Training Schedule

Organizations are experiencing rapid expansion in the usage of their collaboration tools and in some instances conducting meetings that are much larger than normal. Team members that normally use products at the office, are now working remotely and need a better understanding of the features of WebEx such as self-view, environmental audio/video mute, basic lighting, among others, to deliver a successful experience.

Are you experiencing a surge in WebEx usage or overload of your internal resources and help desk?

Do you have new remote users working with collaboration tools for the first time?

Could training and adoption services help alleviate some of the burden on your IT teams and provide a better experience for your workforce?

Are large meetings problematic due to setup or user etiquette?

Are you experiencing issues related to – access, networking or bandwidth – that could be impacting your network?

With the dramatic increase in usage of WebEx and collaboration tools, Iron Bow’s XR team has developed training specifically for our clients to optimize the solution.

Register below for our weekly WebEx Tutorials.


Links for the tutorials change weekly, so please check back regularly to ensure your registration.

Iron Bow XR – WebEx User/Host Training

Iron Bow XR – Intro to Smart Accounts

Iron Bow XR – Smart Accounts 201 – Smart and Traditional License Management

For questions or customized offerings for your organization, contact us