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Safe Return to the Workplace Solutions

Ensure a Simple and Safe Return to the Workplace

Iron Bow is ready to be your guide to next-generation workspaces. Our team has access to the latest in innovative technologies that enable the workplace of the future – whether your workforce is remote/mobile, a hybrid model or purely in office, we have the experience to configure, install and manage your organization’s solution.

Workspace Solutions from Iron Bow Technologies

We can help you keep employees safe and ensure compliance with public health guidance through a variety of next-gen technologies and AV solutions designed to support a safe return to the workplace.  Check out our infographic of the safe return to work journey.

Entry/Reception Solutions

  • Install an AV solution that enables a remote receptionist to greet employees and guests for contactless entry
  • Remote health screening technologies at your workplace entrance conducts a touchless temperature check and face scan to ensure masks are used
  • Sensor and/or automation solutions enable remote opening of doors once health checks are passed and proper credentials are provided

NextGen Technologies within the Workspace

  • Digital signage can be installed to capture non-identifiable biometric data and aid in contact tracing
  • Workspace disks can be affixed on desks acting as wireless phone chargers as well as green light notifications to indicate to employees if the workspace has been sanitized and is ready for use

Conference Room Solutions

  • Touchless options for controlling meeting rooms and related technology
    • Voice-activated equipment can launch meetings or dials-in remote participants
    • QR code scanning enables mobile devices to become the control panel for conferencing equipment and software
    • Options to enable approved laptops to control all room-based conference equipment
    • Bring You Own Meeting (BYOM) option to run the entire meeting through a laptop without interfacing with in-room technology at all
  • Smart cameras in the conference room
    • Detect the number of in-office meeting participants
    • Ensure compliance with social distancing requirements based on room size
    • Shut off the meeting if the number of participants exceeds the set standard

Securely Support Every Kind of Remote Work

Organizations and their teams will continue to need the ability to work regardless of location.  Doing so requires products and services focused from the network to endpoints to ensure secure mobility.

Enterprise Collaboration
Get the most out of your collaboration investments with technology consulting and adoption services including Webex user training.

We also offer for commercial/government users, and Webex for Defense – A secure FedRAMP hosted cloud offering.

Rapid Wireless Deployments
Ensure highly secure wireless and wired connections to the home, extending your corporate network to teleworkers, mobile workers, and remote/micro-sites with our mobile kits.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Enable the office desktop to follow your employees from wherever they log on with our VDI deployment expertise. Infrastructure for VDI is provided via our multi-cloud offering, IronTarget™ for simplified IT management.

Secure Remote Office-in-a-Box
Provide secure, in-office-like access to data and apps without the expense of a VPN license with a pre-existing power outlet and wired/wireless Internet connection within the end user’s home.

Support Remote Work Surges
IronCare™ technical support can supplement your existing IT team with 24/7/365 access to trained and certified engineers who can remotely manage networks and collaboration applications as needed.

Securing the Workforce

Organizations and their teams need the ability to work regardless of location. The success of remote collaboration is dependent on the tools your employees have access to. Learn how HP devices with Microsoft and Intel technology can improve security, allow for seamless collaboration and better support the demands of today’s remote workforce. Learn more about the Fantastic 4.

Get the Help and Solutions you Need, Anywhere in Your Workplace Journey

In this ever-changing and fast paced world, the speed and innovation of AI is enabling new ways to collaborate safely and securely regardless of your workplace. Let Iron Bow be your partner in implementing the right solutions for your workplace and workforce.

To learn more or for a demo with one of our engineers, please contact us.

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