Unified Communications Manager Cloud for Government (UCM) – Formerly Hosted Collaboration Solution for Government (HCS-G)

Iron Bow’s UCM (formerly HCS-G), powered by Cisco, is a FedRAMP Authorized cloud-based collaboration service built to help you improve communication capabilities, empower your mobile workforce, meet cloud-first mandates and maintain stringent security standards. Check out this video and see how we can help your agency overcome key IT and business challenges.

See what VDI can do for your agency.

The case for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has never been stronger. Agencies are looking for better approaches to securing and managing end-user devices. Check out this infographic and see what’s driving the interest in VDI solutions—and what concerns are slowing agencies down.

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hybrid work image

The Hybrid Work Experience

As we navigate the new normal, many organizations are embracing a balance of in-office and remote work for their teams.  A recent Gartner CFO Survey reveals 74% of organizations intend to shift some employees to remote work permanently. This combination of in-office and remote work creates an opportunity to assess the changes that have impacted […]

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Jeff Tillery

September 7, 2021


The Problem with One-Size-Fits-All AI

What can artificial intelligence do for your agency? The answer isn’t all that simple: it depends on a number of factors, like how your agency operates today and what your goals are for the future. AI solutions, therefore, are most effective when they’re customized to meet those specific needs. Few organizations know this better than […]

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Jim Smid and James Ebeler

dell intel ai

Government Security, Powered by AI

When it comes to security, government agencies can never be too careful. From Solarwinds to Microsoft Exchange, federal organizations have faced a year of breaches that have set off the clear need to rethink their security posture — and they’re turning to AI for assistance. How are they doing it? That’s what Iron Bow Technologies’ […]

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Jim Smid and Rob Chee

Mythbusters: What AI Is and What It Isn’t

Artificial Intelligence. Two words we have heard before, but what does it mean? Govexec President Constance Sayers and Iron Bow’s CTO, Jim Smid, sit down to discuss what AI is and what it isn’t in this Machine Momentum podcast. What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is used interchangeably with words like machine learning (ML), big […]

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Jim Smid

The Goldilocks of Data Storage: Finding the Solution That’s Just Right for your Business

When you run a business or federal agency, having a good handle on your data storage as debatably as important to your success as having good finances, people or processes. You want enough storage to be able to hold all your business’s data but not too much that you are wasting space and money. You […]

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Allen Rivera

August 10, 2021

Data Center  •  IT Modernization  •  Managed Services

Setting the Right Foundation for a Digital Future

Over July 20 and 21, Becker’s Healthcare hosted their virtual conference titled “Shift to Digital: Telehealth, Home Health & Virtual Care.” An impressive smattering of speakers, thought leaders and health professionals presented their perspectives and words of wisdom as to where the healthcare industry has been, is now and will go moving forward, particularly considering […]

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Angie Stevens and Patrick Rainville

August 3, 2021


Webex for Defense

The Benefits and Challenges of Unified Collaboration Solutions for the Department of Defense: Part 2 of 2

Last week’s post was the first of our two-part miniseries on the benefits of Unified Capabilities (UC) and Webex for the Department of Defense (DoD). This week’s post continues our conversation with Iron Bow Technologies’ Chief of Technology for DoD James Ebeler. Part 1 of this series can be found here. Cisco is a leading […]

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James Ebeler

July 27, 2021

Collaboration  •  IT Modernization  •  Managed Services

Webex for Defense

The Benefits and Challenges of Unified Collaboration Solutions for the Department of Defense: Part 1 of 2

Collaboration is essential for today’s warfighter; they cannot be tethered to a desk. Executing the mission remotely with dispersed teams and 24×7 connectivity has become the norm in today’s edge-enabled world. Department of Defense (DoD) agencies need to be confident their teams have the tools they need to collaborate, communicate and ensure mission success securely […]

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James Ebeler

July 20, 2021

Collaboration  •  IT Modernization  •  Managed Services

HPE’s EL8000 System is Enabling Life at the Edge

With the birth of cell phones, mobilization and instant communication became common place throughout the world. Similarly, federal agencies like the Department of Defense (DoD), civilian agencies and state/local and education entities operate with a similar need of mobilized data for communication, operations and mission success. Data is now being generated outside of the office, […]

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Brandon Lockhart

July 6, 2021

Big Data & Analytics

How Telehealth Technology is Changing the Culture of Healthcare

The healthcare industry, though never ceasing to operate, was severely disrupted and forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With social distancing measures enacted and shutdowns occurring across the country, healthcare leaders were forced to quickly cobble together solutions that enabled patients to still receive the care they needed. For most organizations, the result was the […]

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Angie Stevens

June 22, 2021


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