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Iron Bow VA Team
Francesca El Attrash-UkaejiofoMay 24 20243 min read

4 Ways Iron Bow Is Powering Tech to Transform Lives and Communities

Iron Bow Technologies specializes in providing advanced next-generation solutions, helping clients turn their technology investments into robust business capabilities across government, commercial, education, and healthcare. Our ethos revolves around fostering partnerships with customers, empowering them to fulfill their missions effectively.  

But how does this translate into real-world impact? Here, we present five case studies, or as we fondly call them, "Hero Highlights," illustrating the tangible outcomes we drive alongside our partners and customers through innovative technology solutions. 

Helping States Overcome Tech Debt to Empower Educational Institutions  

A prominent state provider of technology solutions for educational institutions encountered mounting tech debt as their infrastructure aged, resulting in escalating maintenance costs and the cumbersome burden of managing outdated equipment. To address this challenge, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) sought transformative solutions to propel their organization forward.  

Partnering with Iron Bow, the state entity explored transitioning to a Hardware as a Service (HWaaS) model, which offered access to cutting-edge hardware without the need for upfront capital expenditure. Collaboratively engaging with Iron Bow and Cisco, discussions were initiated to implement HWaaS, facilitating the modernization of their infrastructure while maintaining financial flexibility. As a result, the state entity now enjoys simplified technology management, enhanced financial flexibility, and access to state-of-the-art hardware solutions, positioning them to continue empowering educational institutions effectively. Read more here. 

Making Veterans’ Healthcare More Accessible with the Veterans Affairs’ Office of Connected Care 

In collaboration with the Office of Connected Care since 2010, Iron Bow has been instrumental in advancing telehealth and connected care solutions. These initiatives have enabled over 4.3 million unique Veterans to access healthcare remotely in over 40 million encounters, saving a remarkable 4.2 billion miles of travel.  

These achievements are in lockstep with the Office of Veterans Affairs (VA's) Priority to Action (P2A) initiative, dramatically improving the delivery of timely, high-quality healthcare to Veterans, and ensuring their needs are efficiently and effectively met. Read more here.  

Greene County’s Federally Qualified Health Center Aids Nearly 1,000 Hypertension Patients Through Remote Patient Monitoring in Just 15 Months 

We support customers like Greene County North Carolina’s Federally Qualified Health Center in aiding over 1,165 hypertension patients through remote patient monitoring (RPM). Through Green County Health Care’s care team of clinicians, Recconect4Htealth’s RPM capabilities, and Iron Bow’s smart meters, patients and their nurses can jointly monitor their blood pressure beyond the doctor’s office.  

Patients can opt into the RPM program to receive the medical devices and are assigned a team of nurses who can help continually monitor systolic blood pressure from any location. Ultimately, patients can check their blood pressure at home and nurses are automatically alerted of any significant changes that may prompt the need for physician intervention. Read more here.  

Enhancing Warfighter Capabilities and Modernizing IT for the DoD 

Iron Bow has recently joined Peraton in the implementation of the $2.8 billion Special Operations Forces IT Enterprise Contract (SITEC) 3 Enterprise Operations & Maintenance (EOM) task order. This task order aims to deliver advanced IT solutions and network services to the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), its Component Commands, Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOCs), deployed forces, CIO/J6, and end-users over an eight-year duration. Iron Bow will assist Peraton with completing IT modernization initiatives, providing technology evaluation and innovation, while supporting mission requirements daily. Read more here.  

Hear What Our People Have to Say About Driving Change in Lives and Communities at Iron Bow 

Alex Mujica , Digital Health Portfolio Director, says “At Iron Bow, I've found a realm of exciting opportunities, from the privilege of collaborating with the VA Office of Connected Care to actively contributing to the transformation of healthcare. It's more than a job; it's a chance to make a meaningful impact, ensuring Veterans have accessible and top-notch healthcare experiences. Joining Iron Bow means stepping into a world where innovation meets purpose, and every day is an exhilarating journey towards positive change.” 


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