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Daisie Register December 30 2013 2 min read

Best of Partner Content in 2013

With 2013 coming to a close, we want to recognize our partner community for providing input and expert opinion on the biggest technology issues impacting federal government agencies this year. From insight on managing big data, moving to the cloud, securing critical infrastructure, to collaboration and telework, our partners have offered us a wealth of expertise on TechSource.

In case you missed it, here is a list of the most popular guest content that we’ve featured on TechSource in 2013:

PODCAST: The Future of Teleconferencing Comes to Life for Government Agencies

Whether providing professional development resources, enabling collaboration among a distributed workforce or simply following an executive order, agencies everywhere are embracing teleconferencing and reaping its many benefits.

Andrew Reitter, Senior Manager – Technical Marketing Engineer – TelePresence at Cisco, discusses the evolution of teleconferencing in this podcast.

Big Data Evolves from a Perfect Storm

There is no doubt that federal agencies today are grappling with how to manage massive amounts of data and make sense of the information collected for increased efficiencies. Big data continues to drive lively discussions in our industry. We asked our partners to weigh in on the topic and provide best practices. Chuck Hollis, Vice President, Global Marketing CTO at EMC Corporation, shares his thoughts in this Q&A. Hollis refers to big data as a “perfect storm” – masses of raw data and inexpensive computing resources and powerful analytical tools are all readily at hand. Now that we see the potential, the hard part is taking leadership of the initiative to drive results. He discusses this approach in-depth in the following Q&A.

The Security Challenges Impacting the Adoption of Today’s Hottest Technologies

Data is the modern paper. Where once we produced reams of paper that needed to be stored, we now generate terabytes of data that need to be managed, stored, shared and, most importantly, secured.

These are challenges that are faced by private enterprises and government agencies alike, so we asked our long-time technology partner, McAfee, if they could provide some expert guidance on how this data-driven technology environment impacts an organization’s security needs.

In this interview, Ken Kartsen, Vice President of Federal Sales at McAfee, talked to us about the ever-changing IT landscape and how it impacts organizations’ security needs. 

PODCAST: Joel E. Barthelemy, Founder and Managing Director of GlobalMed, Discusses Future of Telemedicine and Health IT

Telehealth is a major initiative within an agency like Department of Veterans Affairs, where the mission is unique to providing life saving benefits to vets. In this podcast, we spoke with Joel Barthelemy, Founder and Managing Director of GlobalMed, which is a leading provider of telehealth hardware and software solutions. Joel discusses how technology is making an impact specifically with Department of Veteran Affairs and Mayo Clinic in delivering telemedicine solutions for better access to care to remote patients.

Tips for Moving to the Cloud

With many agencies considering a move to the cloud, we spent significant space on TechSource discussing best practices, strategies and tips. Our partner community weighed in as well. In this piece, Davis Johnson, District Sales Manager at NetApp, outlines practical tips for federal agencies to consider as they strive to meet the “Cloud-First” mandate. He stresses that while there are multiple paths to the cloud, all with the goal of maximizing capacity utilization, improving IT flexibility and responsiveness and minimizing cost, before you pursue these paths, pause and consider the following tips.