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Iron Bow Believe in Women Series
Francesca El Attrash-UkaejiofoAugust 15 20233 min read

Empowering Voices: Iron Bow's Inspiring Panel with Members of the WNBA Mystics

In a powerful convergence of athleticism, determination, and empowerment, Iron Bow and Monumental Sports' recent "Believe In Women Series" event took center stage, featuring an exclusive panel discussion with esteemed members of the WNBA's Washington Mystics.

The event resonated as a celebration of women's strength, resilience, and triumphs, uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds to champion gender equality and push the boundaries of what's possible. Against the backdrop of the Mystics' impressive accomplishments on the court and in the office, this gathering served as a beacon of inspiration, reinforcing the importance of supporting and uplifting women in every sphere of life.

In this blog post, we'll take you through the highlights of this remarkable event, capturing the essence of the empowering conversations and the impact they are sure to have on fostering positive change.

A Gathering of Diverse and Powerful Women Leaders

For those who don't know, the Washington Mystics are an American professional basketball team based in D.C. They compete in the Women's National Basketball Association as a member club of the league's Eastern Conference.

Iron Bow's CEO and President, Rene LaVigne moderated an exciting conversation featuring these distinguished panelists:

  • Alycen McAuley, Senior Vice President of Team Services
  • Maria Giovannetti, Washington Mystics Assistant General Manager
  • Marissa Coleman, Former Washington Mystics Player




Who Inspires These Inspirational Women?

From the Mystics founding fans who believed in the vision of the team since day one, to the dedicated players on the court, each panelist shared how inspired they were by individuals who passionately commit to a craft, a team, and an overall dream.



What Makes You a "Strong Woman?"

Before you can do anything you, have to show up. The leaders shared that the ability to say "No" is integral to being able to show up for their teams, their families, and workplaces. Setting boundaries has been critical as well. The most important highlight that the three shared was knowing when and how to ask for help.



What Does Self Care Look Like?

When asked how these professionals care for themselves both on and off the court, responses were not the typical everyday routine like hygiene, etc. Each leader shared how self-care looks like finding that one thing that brings you joy, practicing daily self-affirmations, and cultivating more playfulness in our daily lives. Self care is within all of us, but we have to make the time for ourselves. 



How Can Women Stand in Solidarity With Each Other?

The panelists unanimously agreed that it's vital to bring more women more to the forefront. Women have been conditioned to the idea that there's only one seat at the table. That makes for sharp elbows in competing for that seat. But the truth is women don't just get one seat. If one woman is succeeding, that isn't to the determinant of another. Ultimately, we need to make a bigger table and add more seats so everyone has a chance to contribute. 


How Can Men Better Support Women in the Workplace?

What's been especially powerful for women professionals is sharing salary data, especially when men convey what they're earning and how their female counterparts can get there. That mentorship goes a long way in closing the pay gap.

Another important way men can be allies to women is within men's groups. Male colleagues need to stand up in men's groups when other men are disparaging female colleagues. Call out the micro-agressions or pull colleagues to the side and gently correct them. Ultimately, women need more men to be "up-standers" in the workplace and on the golf course when it comes to ensuring a more inclusive work environment for all. 


Watch the entire conversation with the panel here: 



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