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3 Ways Enterprise IT as-a-Service Benefits the DoD

James Ebeler, Chief Technology Officer, DoD, Iron Bow Technologies

July 28, 2020  |  IT Modernization  •  Managed Services

We’ve all spent time in front of our computers that have a glitch, aren’t connecting to the internet, or are stuck in some endless problematic loop. What if your responsibility is national security and keeping your country safe but sometimes the lack of IT support makes it difficult to do so? That’s how our Department of Defense (DoD) employees may feel when they don’t have the necessary IT equipment needed to accomplish their mission.

Now think of a different scenario where every military branch in our government not only has the equipment they need, they also have top notch security in each product and a help desk that is available to solve any problem from any location whenever required. This what Enterprise IT as-a-Service means: having an IT solution that works across the spectrum of defense that is secure, helpful and allows the DoD to accomplish their missions efficiently. This not only saves on time and resources, but it could also save lives.

Here are three ways Enterprise IT as-a-Service (EITaaS) benefits our Department of Defense.

1. EITaaS allows the branch to focus on their mission

If the DoD’s number one priority is accomplishing mission objectives, dealing with IT inefficiencies should not need to be part of those operations.  Implementing modern, secure solutions enterprise-wide can help shift the burden of IT glitches and handling hardware improvements onto teams of reliable experts so DoD personnel can focus on accomplishing mission objectives in the field.

DoD operational teams need technology partners that not only understand DoD environments, but also have the certifications in the latest technologies and tactics. They need to apply machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies to align with DoD workflows and security requirements. These partners can also assist keeping up with government-issued security mandates, implementing software updates and shortening the feedback time by providing help desk services that are available 24/7 so all military branches can experience as little disruption as possible.

2. EITaaS offers a better user experience

Implementing Enterprise IT as-a-Service allows freedoms that the military may not have otherwise, particularly from a user experience perspective.  Newly found freedoms include removing the hassle of solving your own issues in-house and now having the ability to simply reach out to an operationally focused 24/7 help desk and know that there is an expert available to resolve any issues standing in your way.  Ticket resolution is the primary focus of these teams so competition for priorities is never an issue and you get to resume your mission sooner and more efficiently.

Benefits agencies can realize is a phased implementation of each type of technology (such as networking or cloud adoption) because it gives each branch the time to decide how to optimize the technology and determine what needs to be improved.  The EITaaS provider not only knows what technology you need but can manage all the phased implementations without you having to worry about meeting goals in a timely manner.

Having a partner take on the immense responsibility of the technology can’t compromise the standards of technology the DoD needs to operate, either. EITaaS pilots will allow the Army and Air Force to evaluate commercial solutions and their ability to strengthen enterprise IT service delivery, improve user experience and integrate with existing government-only systems, architecture, processes and facilities, while maintaining an aggressive cyber security posture. Of course, having these capabilities requires the adoption of leading edge technology.

3. EITaaS provides leading edge technology

An essential part of accomplishing these mission objectives is having modern technology solutions that provide the capabilities that allow teams to do this efficiently.

Iron Bow has been providing effective and innovative IT solutions to the U.S. military for more than three decades. We have expertise supporting all military branches with cloud, collaboration, cyber security, data center, digitization and IoT, mobility and networking solutions to speed decision making and operational effectiveness. These services include end-user devices, networking, data center, all resources of IT with an emphasis on end-user devices.

Iron Bow’s approach to mobility ensures personnel have the ability to continue operations quickly. Personnel do not have to wait days for a replacement laptop, a new one will be minutes away–a laptop that is ready to use with all security protocols, user interfaces, network connections and apps already installed. This outside-the-box approach is more efficient, convenient and virtually eliminates the delay of the traditional process of calling an IT department, reporting the problem, requesting a new laptop and then waiting 2-3 days for it to be shipped to the base.

Iron Bow continues to revolutionize cloud technology. Currently, many military departments have on-premises technology but with Iron Bow’s IronTarget™ cloud technology, federal agencies and the DoD can have a quick route to cloud infrastructures, while also providing a single point of management for the various platforms. This multi-cloud environment eases teams into public cloud use with an on-prem cloud that allows workloads to be moved between public and private clouds as needed. Having cloud technology opens a new world of operations for the military including software defined networking (SDN). By implementing enterprise IT as-a-Service, you can optimize your existing networks to migrate to a software-defined environment. This is a modern approach to traditional networking as SDN can help simplify, automate and secure IT assets and systems.

With all these new technologies available to the DoD, Iron Bow ensures that security was not left behind.  We are fluent in top notch security, meeting all government-issued mandates and building them into every service we provide by adapting commercial technology for classified use. The Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) was developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) Central Security Service (CSS) to enable commercial products to be leveraged in solutions to protect classified National Security Systems (NSS) information. Iron Bow is a listed CSfC Trusted Integrator as defined by NSA and is qualified to assemble and integrate solutions in accordance with CSfC capability packages. Our team is experienced in configuring commercial solutions with layered security to provide protection for classified data within various applications. By leveraging a CSfC product, you maintain technical flexibility, utilize user-friendly interfaces and functionality often at lower costs and can potentially save

valuable time to delivery. With CSfC, devices are more easily managed and maintained for quicker implementation.

By implementing EITaaS, you can reform existing and implement future IT operations and services delivery through commercial services in order to increase DoD readiness, mission effectiveness and IT user efficiencies. Establishing standardized, innovative IT services brings you to the forefront of what technology offers today without layering you with the back end of IT maintenance. Enterprise IT as-a-Service gives you the tools you need to get back to what truly matters: accomplishing your mission and keeping our military running.

For more information on you can benefit from optimized technology for the DoD, download our brochure or contact us today.

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