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Francesca El Attrash-Ukaejiofo January 6 2023 2 min read

Iron Bow Technologies: Where IT Innovation Comes Together

You may have noticed that when you visit, things look much different. We’re excited to inform our partner community and customers that we’ve rolled out a brand refresh including a website makeover and a new tagline.  

Whether you’re an employee, partner, or customer, our goal of this brand refresh is to synchronize Iron Bow’s cumulative voice, so you can quickly understand who we are and how we can help drive innovation and mission-critical outcomes.

Why change the tagline? 

We felt that it was not only time for a fresh, new look and feel, but also time to make it especially clear to our customers, partners, and the industry what it is that we do. Sometimes when we talked to customers or partners, we’d get different answers about how we can help. 

We’ve even heard from some partners that “Iron Bow is the best secret.” We plan to change that. 

Iron Bow is an IT solutions provider that brings together the technology, people, and services to empower customers and realize your innovation goals. That’s why we thought it was fitting to describe Iron Bow in the following way: 

"Where IT Innovation Comes Together.  Providing Trusted IT Solutions Designed to Empower Our Customers."

To learn more about how we bring IT innovation together to help drive your mission-critical outcomes, check out or solutions page by heading here 

What can we expect to see on the updated website? 

With the new, we’ve been purposeful in ensuring a more user-friendly design, improved user experience, and showcasing diversity that accurately depicts what our workforces look like today. You might notice a cleaner look and feel, easier text to read, and more guidance on what to click next.  

One thing we’re especially excited about is our new thought leadership library chock full of resources that offer practical insights from our subject matter experts. 

Check out our new Resources Library by heading here 

Iron Bow: A leading global IT solutions provider dedicated to innovation with integrity 

We know that choosing to work with us requires serious consideration, commitment, and investment. That’s why we want you to know exactly what we stand for. So even if you’ve worked with Iron Bow for decades, or are already familiar, allow us to quickly re-introduce ourselves. 

Our Vision: Innovating the world. 

Our Mission: Achieving superior outcomes for our clients by leveraging our talented people, inspirational culture, and innovative solutions. 

The Iron Bow Way: Customer first and mutual respect for all members of our community.  

To learn more about who we are and what we do, visit our About Us page by heading here 


Ready to innovate with us? Head to our homepage and explore how we can help you bring your IT innovation together.