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Enabling Modern Workflows for Today’s Warfighter

TechSource Editor

April 6, 2020  |  Cloud  •  Collaboration

As the battlefield moves from the frontlines to cyber space and the enemy is not a nation state, but a loosely organized collective, the Department of Defense (DoD) is challenged to change “business as usual.” Over the history of our nation, collaboration and communication to and between deployed forces has evolved from sending messengers on horseback to basic commands issued via Morse Code to radio communications to satellite linkups to Internet messaging, but the DoD still needs more. Our military, while the strongest and most advanced in the world, is making do with infrastructure that can be more than 40 years old. The many silos of technology that have surfaced through the evolution of communication have caused more problems than they have solved. All of these realities are coming to a head, making it more critical than ever for the DoD to take a look at how it manages communication and collaboration.

To help meet the DoD’s evolving needs, Cisco has developed Hosted Collaboration Solution for Defense (HCS-D) to provide industry-leading collaboration services including voice, video, instant messaging (IM), presence and conferencing – allowing secure collaboration with anyone, anywhere on their device of choice. Cisco’s HCS-D has officially been granted PATO by Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and is a FedRAMP+ authorized, cloud hosted offering with provisional authorization to operate at Impact Level 5 (IL 5). Because it is a hosted solution, the management and maintenance, including ongoing security assessments, of the technology is handled by Cisco and their partners, freeing up DoD IT resources to focus on other critical missions, including being re-deployed into cyber-focused positions.

Secure Collaboration for a Variety of Workflows

HCS-D is a powerful tool that helps enable modern workflows. Take for example, documenting a flight line. Instead of having to take a picture or video and then drive to a conference room to discuss it, the HCS-D platform allows that image to be sent via secure IM. If needed, that IM can then escalate into a video call (while still in the field). This whole interaction is documented together leaving a clean, easy to access audit trail. All of this can be done using personal devices (BYOD) if needed because the platform is secure.

Another use is for morale. HCS-D can power video endpoints for communication with family. From systems in the PX or rec hall, deployed soldiers could connect with family back home. There is no need for a dedicated room with specialized equipment on either end to ensure high quality and secure video communication. Cameras and screens can be where people can access them and HCS-D connections could even be made available on personal devices via app store downloads.

HCS-D – Designed for Today’s Military Communication Needs

All of this is made possible because the solution is designed with security by default. HCS-D has ATO Impact Level 5 to ensure that communications are traveling across the appropriate networks.

HCS-D is the next phase of military communication technology. With the platform, our armed forces can improve their communication capabilities with technology that feels like what people use in their personal lives. With a highly secure backbone, it enables better use of mobile devices. The service model is in line with Cloud Smart mandates while reducing work and complexity for internal IT teams. The management and support is 24/7/365 and is designed for maximum uptime and response time. Finally, with no need for hardware, it can be deployed quickly.

Our military needs and deserves modern solutions to meet their mission. Enabling collaboration and communication are paramount to ensuring the mission is completed. If you’d like to learn more about HCS-D, visit ironbow.com.

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