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Daisie Register December 11 2018 2 min read

Banding Together to Modernize the Federal Workplace

“Going to work” no longer means commuting to a physical place of work, an office building, with a desk. Today’s workers expect to be mobile, productive on the go and able to work in the field thanks to mobile technologies and secure network connections. They demand cutting-edge technology—the latest in tablets, high performance processors and user-friendly, familiar software experience—to make work more effective and efficient.

This is especially important for government agencies that are looking for new talent. Amenities such as remote work options and support for mobile devices in the field are becoming expectations.

In the next four years, 41 percent of the workforce is expected to be mobile. However, this vision only becomes reality if employers take the steps to modernize.

Agencies are already making progress on the tech side of IT modernization plans, but in the workplace, efforts can be more complex. Workforce modernization isn’t just using any emerging tech—agencies need to examine and adapt their own structure, process and organization to empower employees for their mission. Each agency has different needs and may be at various stages in their modernization strategies, meaning no one solution is a one-size-fits-all.

Technology companies need to collaborate to create a workplace that fits everyone’s needs and working styles. Integrating multiple technologies results in a strong and customized solution to fit each organization’s requirements.

Realizing the importance of coming together to offer the government the best in breed technologies, HP, Intel and Microsoft have united to create a Fantastic Four program with Iron Bow’s public sector understanding and engineering expertise.

Many agencies already rely on devices made by HP, powered by Intel and are running Windows. By partnering together, the three companies are able to provide innovative design, enterprise-grade security and smooth collaboration that exceed the demands of modern mobile workstyles. They offer the federal government a better suite of solutions to support the workforce.

HP manages the device component, offering a broad array of devices to fit diverse workspaces and modern workstyles—from simple and light convertible tablets to powerful and customizable workstations. This enhanced mobility means work can occur in the field, whether that means a USDA worker visiting a farm, an aid worker in a disaster zone or a medic in a military hospital. Work can also be at a desk, at a coffee shop, or on a plane or at a soccer practice if that’s what’s needed.

These devices don’t require users to sacrifice functionality. They run on powerful 7th Gen Intel core processors that enable fast, high-capacity data transfer. Combine that with the Microsoft Office 365, which provides familiar applications and files that are always accessible and up to date, allowing real-time collaboration, and access to the solutions they need for the new mobile reality.

With decades of experience and a customer-centric approach, Iron Bow can translate HP, Intel and Microsoft’s leadership into a solution for your modern workforce. Iron Bow brings them all together, ensuring your agency’s solution is tailored to your specific goals.

Are you ready to make the mobile workplace a reality? For more information, please visit the Iron Bow website.