See what VDI can do for your agency.

The case for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has never been stronger. Agencies are looking for better approaches to securing and managing end-user devices. Check out this infographic and see what’s driving the interest in VDI solutions—and what concerns are slowing agencies down.

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Healthcare Technology and the Responsibility of Innovation

The Washington Business Journal just recently honored the Iron Bow team as a 2017 Innovation Award honoree for our Clinical Care Device – the CLINiC. And while I’m deeply grateful to be recognized as a tech solutions leader in the DC-area, the award speaks to a much larger point — innovation doesn’t only have to be […]

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Rene LaVigne

October 12, 2017

Telehealth  •  What We Do Matters

Collaboration + Cloud = Better Federal Efficiency, Security and Budgeting

Federal agencies don’t always have the time or money to take on cloud adoption. The cost, complexity and security concerns of rolling out cloud-based applications often act as a barrier for those without the resources to implement and manage a solution. But that doesn’t mean agencies should abandon hope, especially since cloud adoption can actually […]

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Josh Finke

October 6, 2017

Cloud  •  Collaboration  •  Cyber Security

Four Trends to Consider Before Developing a Cyber Security Plan

With the threat of cyber attacks rapidly evolving, federal agencies need to ensure they have a security foundation in place that allows the flexibility to adapt quickly. That means keeping an eye on trends to make sure they’re procuring solutions that can be easily integrated into their existing systems. The difficulty for agencies is acknowledging […]

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Rob Chee

October 4, 2017

Cyber Security  •  Networking  •  Software-defined Networking

How to Build the Federal Data Center of Tomorrow

Government agencies saved over 2.8 billion dollars in IT costs since establishing the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative in 2010, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). However, the federal government still faces several challenges when modernizing and consolidating their IT systems in order to build the data center of the future. […]

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Jim Smid

September 26, 2017

Data Center  •  IT Modernization

A welcoming workplace leads to success on many levels

Workplace culture can make or break a business.  An organization can thrive in an environment that fosters diversity, charity and thoughtfulness. In a New York Times op-ed, Adam Grant, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, noted that workplace culture is one of the biggest drivers not only of a business’ […]

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Rene LaVigne

September 22, 2017

What We Do Matters

Hotels That Go Wireless Make for Better Hosts

Imagine this… You’ve just arrived at your vacation destination. You want to message your family to let them know you’ve made it safe and sound, but you pull out your phone, only to find your message won’t go through…  You’re traveling for a conference, working from your laptop on a last-minute project, and just as […]

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Jeff Lepp

September 8, 2017

Digitization + IoT  •  Mobility + End User Devices  •  Wireless

Windows 10 Migration: The Time is Now for a System Refresh

Agencies Should Begin Planning Windows 10 Adoption Now

Federal agencies migrating to Windows 10 will soon reap the benefits of a new and better system, but those dragging their feet could miss out on tighter security, enhanced support for mobile devices and a friendlier user interface. To the agencies that are falling behind, the time to adopt Windows 10 is now. The security […]

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Troy Massey

September 6, 2017

Mobility + End User Devices  •  Wireless

Virtualization and VDI: Is Government Taking Full Advantage of These Trends?

According to a recent survey conducted by 1105Media, 1/3 of the agencies surveyed have adopted a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), enabling their users a consistent experience and secure access. VDI is virtualization technology that allows an organization to host a desktop operating system on a centralized server in a data center. Iron Bow partner VMware […]

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Troy Massey

PODCAST: Increase Agility and Cost Savings with Pay-As-You-Go Storage

In this TechSource podcast, we discuss federal IT storage, and the emerging pay-as-you-go approach. NetApp’s Jeff Eversman offers insights and recommendations to agencies looking to move away from complicated and costly traditional IT storage methods for those that are scalable and tailored to their needs. Listen to learn how solutions like NetApp’s On Demand can […]

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TechSource Editor

July 18, 2017

IT Modernization  •  Managed Services

Focus on Your Mission By Leaving Device Management to As-a-Service Offerings

IT procurement models are rapidly evolving to meet today’s changing technology needs. To keep ahead of tech trends, agencies are moving away from more permanent IT investments. This is where the growing trend of as-a-service offerings comes into play. Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) brings together a fleet of any type of device and a set of services […]

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Tami Beach

June 28, 2017

Cyber Security  •  IT Modernization  •  Managed Services

Three Key Ways to Keep Information Safe from Hackers

The increasing number of devices and systems connecting to our organization’s network, combined with the growing complexity of applications, is changing the security conversation dramatically. It’s no longer a question of if but when the network will be breached. Traditional cyber firewalls can no longer be relied on as the sole means of protection.  Organizations […]

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Rob Chee

June 19, 2017

Cyber Security

Data Analytics of the Future Starts in the Present

Data analytics continues to surprise people with its emergent capabilities ranging from predicting how a disease, such as Ebola, will spread, to identifying the most beneficial way to market a product. In the private and public sector, big data benefits continue to expand as its applications are further developed and implemented. The uses of data […]

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Brent White

Dell EMC World 2017: Three Ways You Can Realize Digital Transformation

This past month, Iron Bow attended Dell EMC World 2017 in Las Vegas. During my trip, I had the pleasure of discussing current, future and emerging technologies across the industry. At Iron Bow, I have seen these trends emerge first-hand, as have the over 12,000 IT practitioners and business leaders in attendance. Virtualization (both server […]

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Troy Massey