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Iron Bow and BAE Systems Supporting Data Transfer in DoD
Ken ReevesJanuary 25 20242 min read

Revolutionizing Data Transfer Security in Military Operations with XTS Diode One Way Transfer

In the dynamic realm of military operations, where the stakes are nothing short of mission-critical, the need for impenetrable data security and swift, seamless transfers has never been more vital. That's why Iron Bow Technologies and BAE Systems are partnering to provide military customers with a revolutionary way to securely transfer data: BAE Systems’ XTS Diode One Way Transfer Solution transfers data up to 32Gbps speeds. This innovative device, while compact, lightweight, and rugged, is a veritable fortress for data, ensuring unwavering security without the hefty price tag.

7 Ways XTS Diode One Way Transfer Supports Next-Generation Data Transfer

Here are seven key benefits and features of BAE Systems’ XTS Diode One Way Transfer Solution:

  • NSA and NCDSMO Compliance: The XTS Diode meets all cybersecurity requirements set forth by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the National Cross Domain Strategy Management Office (NCDSMO). It is the first device named Raise the Bar (RTB)-compliant by these entities.
  • High Speed and Compact Design: This next-generation one-way transfer solution offers more capabilities and speed compared to earlier solutions while maintaining a significantly smaller size. It also comes at lower unit, implementation, and maintenance costs.
  • Forward-Error Correction: XTS Diode Solution implements forward-error correction, solving the data assurance gap inherent in most One-Way-Transfer devices, even in challenging environments.
  • Impressive Throughput: With a maximum throughput up to 40Gbps, the XTS Diode Device maintains a miniscule footprint, making it a practical choice for various military applications.
  • Security at the Operating System Level: The application options of the XTS Diode support STOP™ Operating System. STOP has powerful security tools built in, specifically for secure Cross Domain applications, greatly enhancing the security posture of the solution, and mitigating attack propagation of operation systems as required by RTB.
  • Seamless Integration: The XTS Diode seamlessly integrates with the XTS Guard, complying with the latest RTB architectures for ease of deployment timelines.
  • Easy Content Filter Integration: Optional orchestration and data filtration capabilities are available, as well as a simple API to enable the easy plug-in of numerous content filters.
  • Defensive Cyber Operations – Perfect for Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) deployments requiring aggregation of logs from multiple sources, with minimal added rack space and integration effort.

Revolutionizing Data Transfer

The XTS Diode OneWay Transfer Solution enables the secure sharing of files and high throughput streaming of critical data via User Datagram Protocol (UDP) or Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Furthermore, by allowing all products necessary for an RTB compliant architecture to be purchased and supported from a single vendor, it simplifies procurement and support processes, offering proven architecture and experience.

The Iron Bow and BAE Systems partnership has yielded unwavering access to innovative solutions that are reshaping data security and transfer capabilities for military organizations. The XTS Guard 7 and XTS Diode One Way Transfer Solution provide unmatched security and efficiency, empowering military personnel to confidently handle and transfer sensitive data in ruggedized environments and a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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