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IT Modernization Driving Department of Defense Missions

Iron Bow provides solutions supporting the Department of Defense’s (DoD) challenging operational requirements today with scale to meet the modernization goals of tomorrow. We are proud to have past experience in supporting all military branches with cloud, collaboration, cyber security, data center, digitization and IoT, mobility and networking solutions to speed decision making and operational effectiveness. Our teams not only understand DoD environments and mission, but continue to expand our certifications in the latest technologies and tactics. We leverage cloud technologies ensuring that they are capable of leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence wrapping a security layer throughout providing a more secure DoD workflow. Utilizing a DevSecOps approach, we introduce technology allowing for immediate impact on readiness, performance and accountability. Iron Bow is proud to manage the complex IT problems of our DoD customers so that they can focus on their mission.


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Customer Experience

We partner with clients, from technology adoption through workflow transformation and beyond. Our ability to have agile, flexible and modular solution allows us to not just meet objectives but exceed outcomes for the future.  Our collaborative approach focuses on mission criteria with goal-based technology adoption ensuring clients receive right-sized solutions to meet their requirements.

Contract Vehicles for the Department of Defense

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Why System Integrators Partner with Iron Bow Technologies

Having the ability to provide customers an option of when and how much expertise they require is key for a successful implementation. When you need flexibility, Iron Bow can provide the engineering expertise to augment your engagements. With our Flexible Services offerings, you can leverage and scale technical expertise for support when you need it.

Flex Credits can be used for:

  • Scheduling on-site engineering support based on needed skillset, timeframe and clearance level
  • Submitting technical questions to expert engineering teams
  • Staffing multi-disciplinary project teams
  • Training and consulting for new technology rollouts

Enabling Customers with 5G

Iron Bow Technologies is positioned to fully enable ongoing DoD efforts to leverage and expand 5G capabilities.  5G is expected to provide DoD high data rates, reduced latency, higher system capacity and massive device connectivity to bring to bear the full promise of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart warehousing and bases, edge data processing, and virtual/augmented reality.

Our focus is to provide subject matter expertise and 5G solutions for our DoD customers.  In particular, we bring our Next Generation Network (NGN), along with our well established vendor partnerships.  In addition, we have a Prime position on the National Spectrum Consortium (NSC) and Information Warfare Research Project (IWRP) OTA vehicles.

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Iron Bow in Action


30+ years supporting the DoD combined with partnerships with top-tier manufacturer as well as emerging innovators ensures we have access to technology solutions that can begin making a difference today.


Regardless of how you consume technology, we can help you innovate. Our solutions are the right mix of people, process and technology that meet your unique needs.


Continuous support for evolving missions, providing the technology that enables our armed forces to compete, deter and win.