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Darren is the Chief Solution Architect for Public Sector at Intel. He works directly with governments (Federal, State, and Local) and enterprise organizations such as IBM, GE, and Toyota to help them modernize their IT organizations. Through several executive and management positions (CIO, Director of Engineering), Darren has developed a unique ability to bring technology, people, and processes together to provide real transformational change to organizations. He focuses on data transformation through data architecture, workload migration, cloud-native application development, service orchestration, and multi-hybrid cloud data center architectures. His research resulted in 8 patents in Cloud and Grid computing architectures, helping companies decrease product development lifecycle time through build, test, deployment optimization, virtualization, and containerization. Darren shares his passion for digital transformation on his weekly podcast "Embracing Digital Transformation." He is a published author with three books on technology and technology management and over 100 articles in various industry trade publications.

Darren Pulsipher