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Don’t Panic! As Long as You Have a Data Recovery Plan in Place

Rob Chee, Technical Director, Cyber Security, Iron Bow Technologies

December 9, 2019  |  Cyber Security

Whether your data resides in a public or private cloud, data center or other storage device, composing a plan to protect and recover data is essential for any organization, especially federal agencies, who could be seen as high value targets for cyber attackers.

The federal government reported 35,277 cyber incidents in 2018—a 14 percent increase from the previous year. That’s a startling statistic considering agencies holds some of the largest stores of data in the world and it’s a top priority to make sure information is safe and systems stay running.

Agency IT teams need not fear, as long as they have a reliable data protection and recovery plan in place. But drafting a plan can be difficult if you don’t know what kind of solutions you need, so we’ve prepared a couple quick tips for picking the right way to protect your data.


Any data protection and recovery solution you choose must be able to expand and contract to meet specific federal needs. Agencies all have unique needs, so finding a tool that grows with you is incredibly important. IT teams need to know they can modify their data solution to bring in features that suit them as they evolve.

Centralize Your System for Simplicity

Centralizing the management of your data protection processes will make the work of agency IT teams much clearer and easier. By doing this, tech managers gain the ability to see the system holistically and understand what’s happening at any given moment. Agencies deserve the freedom to purchase based on consumption, allowing infrastructure to stay in line with evolving backup and recovery requirements.

But not every data protection and recovery system is the same, and Iron Bow has developed relationships with some of best and most innovative providers around so federal agencies don’t have to go through trial and error with other vendors.

Through our partnership with Dell Technologies, we offer their Data Protection Suite (DPS) platform. The suite includes several layers of security, including continuous replication, snapshot, traditional backup and archiving.

DPS can scale to fit any agency’s needs. Those with at least 1 TB of protected capacity can choose to deploy DPS components in any combination, and modify the mix over time as data grows and requirements evolve. The platform provides agencies the freedom to purchase based on consumption, allowing infrastructure to stay in line with evolving backup, recovery, archiving and compliance requirements.

Beyond that, DPS is managed through a centralized system. It gives users a full overview of data, as well as detailed analysis of data flow and any possible issues. This gives IT managers the ability to see the system holistically and understand what’s happening at any given moment.

And to make things as easy as possible, DPS can be easily integrated into applications already running at federal agencies. That means IT teams don’t have to buy new utilities to launch DPS.

Planning for the worst doesn’t have to be a headache if you have the right tools and the right support. If you’re interested in more information about how Iron Bow and Dell Technologies can help protect and recover your data, visit the Iron Bow website.


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