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The Jury Is In: Law Firms Need Industry Partners to Harness Technology

Craig Limon, Sr. Director Cloud & Managed Services, Iron Bow Technologies

December 23, 2019  |  Managed Services

Imagine sitting in your lawyer’s office as they are trying to review key documents related to your case, however they cannot access the documents either due to loss of connectivity, data corruption, or other issues. Or you’re an attorney outside a courtroom desperately trying to get into your firm’s document repository archive remotely, but can’t access important files you need for an impending case.

These are nightmare scenarios for any law firm. As the new digital landscape has given consumers instant access to any information they seek, it has led them to the same demands in the professional world. End users, wherever they are, have certain expectations of what technology can do for them. Consumer expectations become enterprise expectations.

Law firms face a particular challenge because they tend to be extremely data heavy with huge digital document storage needs. Law firms send more data across the network than other organizations of similar size.  With an increasingly mobile workforce, in the field or the courtroom, remote access to resources is even more critical than ever.  Beyond that, some law firms are taking a data-driven approach to building out their business, which creates a whole new technology obstacle.

Outside of day-to-day operations, in the legal marketplace, large law firms are expanding, gobbling up smaller firms.  Acquisitions have to be seamlessly integrated into the technology platforms being used by the parent company. Collaboration services, email and document management systems, as well as video-conferencing technology may have to be connected and integrated into offices across the country.

So how does a firm grow, implement the best technology for its business and clients, and ensure availability of their network and resources while maintaining end to end security to prevent breaches? By getting a partner to help out.

Law firms are in the legal business, not the technology business. They may present brilliant arguments, settle major cases and fight for us in court, but they can’t also be expected to be engineers, programmers and developers.

That’s where Iron Bow can help. We can take a holistic look at your network, cloud operations, and systems requirements to make sure you’re not only employing the best technology for your firm, but also that it’s being managed efficiently, while ensuring the network is ready to handle the challenges of a data driven world.

For firms looking to expand and bridge new offices, we do an extensive site evaluation, write up a detailed integration plan and make sure everything is wired to be compatible with any other office, no matter the location.

With Iron Bow taking the responsibility for strategic initiatives, integrations and 24/7/365 technology management, law firms can truly take a set it and forget it mindset.

For more information about Iron Bow’s services for law firms, visit the Iron Bow website.

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