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Daisie RegisterNovember 21 20121 min read

Cutting Costs with Professional Development via Video

Declining budgets and the ongoing economic downturn is impacting government agencies, forcing them to look at their budgets and identify ways to trim unnecessary expenses wherever possible.

One of the unfortunate victims of this cost cutting has been employee training and professional development programs. Ultimately, agencies have had to pare back sending their employees to classes where they can learn valuable skills and abilities simply because they can’t afford to pay for the classes themselves, and the travel costs to physically get employees to the classes.

However, there are alternatives.

Agencies are starting to turn towards video teleconferencing (VTC) solutions for delivering quality professional development content to their employees. Not only does training via VTC help cut costs, but it also can provide a better educational experience.

Iron Bow’s Senior Solutions Architect, Dan Klanderman, recently sat down with Cisco education expert, Lance Ford, to discuss how VTC can be used for training and professional development programs, and what benefits VTC can deliver. Here’s what Lance had to say:

In the next post, we’ll feature the second half of the video interview with Lance as we explore VTC for government employee training and professional development even further.